Why I Am An (Asian, Feminist) Ally

For the first time today, I had someone come out to me. It was my coworker who has been working in the same office as me since the fall. While catching up and discussing all sorts of things over afternoon coffee, he told me that I might have already suspected, but that he is gay. He shared with me his recent coming out experience and his feeling of liberation of finally being able to be himself. It was powerful because it was an act of trust and faith. We had never talked about politics or religion for that matter.

In my life, one of the things I am most grateful to God for is the blessing to have gotten to know all kinds of people. This is true in many ways, but it is particularly true about sexuality.

One of the rallying cries of the Feminist Movement is that the personal is political. The first day of college, I met several friends who I am still close to nearly ten years later. My neighbor from across the hall and I jokingly called ourselves twins, since we were both bigger and Asian—thus potentially confused as being related. We took Ethnic Studies classes together, we walked around at night as a campus safety team, and we were suitemates senior year. Since those first years of friendship, I have seen him grow and blossom into his identity as a gay man. Knowing him, his hopes, and his dreams have strengthened me both as friend and as an ally.

When I moved out to Washington, DC from California to start my first job, I like many had a hard time finding an apartment. Through an Asian Pacific American women’s network, I found someone who was looking for a roommate. After a short interview and quick look at the place, she decided that I would be acceptable. And as it turned out, my roommate of two years was active in LGBT organizing, particularly in communities of color in the South where she is from. Through watching her commitment to equality and her even deeper love for her partner, I strengthened my resolve as an ally.

My belief in LGBT rights is rooted in faith. I believe that not only did God create each of us good, but that God calls us first and foremost to love each other. I believe that God calls us to fight for justice and to stand up for whoever is oppressed. This is why I have chosen to be an ally. My prayer for Pride Month is that all of us will grow in our understanding of God’s love and that justice will prevail.



Please join us at the Church of the Village during the entire month of June for LGBT Pride Month activities including small group Bible study, Sunday morning Pride testimonies , dedication of the PFLAG plaque, and Pride Parade Witness.