During the years leading up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus’ role in the public realm went through a dramatic transformation. In the eyes of the people, he went from being a good teacher to becoming a miracle worker to becoming the Messiah. I have another person in my life whose role has gone through a radical transformation…although not to Messiah status like Jesus 😉

His name is Danny.

I had only been in New York for about a month when I first met Danny. Everything here was so new and exciting to me. I had a terrible job that was progressively eating away at my peace of mind, but I was too blind to notice. One day Danny comes in to the office dressed like a latin Jimmy Buffett with a matching 1,000-watt personality. We talked for literally a minute and both went on our way.

Two months later I was on a bus in Los Angeles and got an email from Danny. He asked if I wanted to work for him parttime. I said that I’d send my CV when I got home. He replied that it wasn’t necessary – I was hired if I wanted it. Danny didn’t even know my last name. He just saw something good about me that I couldn’t even see about myself.

I started working for Danny, and we became polite acquaintances. Soon he opened my eyes to how my main job was ruining my well-being. I quit it and began to rely on his advice for my livelihood. At this point Danny’s friendship progressed so rapidly that he quickly became a father figure for me. I knew very few people in New York, and my family was 1,200 miles away. Danny jumped right in and filled this void in my life. I would routinely show up at the office on my days off so that we could talk for hours on end. Several months later, Danny proposed that we start a couple of businesses together. I agreed, but I had no clue as to what a landmark decision that would become. In addition to our father/son roles, Danny and I developed a big brother/little brother relationship. We’d work together all day. Then we’d spend hours provoking each other with new research and ideas about work, life, and anything else that we could ponder. To this day I frequently sleep just 5 hours a night because my brain can’t stop building on the discussions that Danny and I have.

Recently I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life. Immediately after the ceremony Danny sprinted down the aisle and was the first person to congratulate me. At that moment I learned that home, work, friends, and family are not necessarily separate entities. Danny went from being a guy with a jolly handshake to a family member that will be with me for the rest of my life. As I celebrate Easter with my wife, I know that her and I are together in New York because of Danny. Without his influence in my life I wouldn’t be half the person that I am today.