Every year, as Mother’s Day approaches, I take time to reflect on the many ways in which I have been mothered.

My mother passed away seven years ago, but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t continued to be an influence in my life. In fact, I find that it’s quite the opposite: not having her around has made me recognize the many ways in which she has shaped me, and I regularly recognize her spirit around me.

My mother was a force of nature. She could make you feel like the most important person in the world. She could just as easily tear you to ribbons with a glance or a well-timed phrase. Her laugh was infectious: it was this soprano bellow that you could hear from across the room like a melody and it would instantly make you smile. My mother taught me taught me how to be both strong and gentle, a combination that has served me well in life. And to the very end my mother was a woman of faith–she loved God and encouraged me in my faith journey as well. Even though I didn’t get to have as much time with her on Earth as I’d like, I have been changed forever because of her.

Parental holidays are tricky for so many of us for a variety of reasons: maybe we’ve lost a parent, maybe our relationships with our parents are strained, maybe our parents are or were abusive, maybe we’ve never known our real parents, but I hold fast to our Mother God, who has provided a community of  love and support around me. I think of the great friends that I’ve made in New York and Chicago. I think of the community groups I’ve joined like the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and the Church of the Village, and I take comfort from the nurturing spirit of those groups. I see and feel my mom in that love.

As we enter into Mother’s Day weekend, may we pause, remember, reflect, and appreciate the many ways in which God has mothered us.

mother and child


Please join us at the Church of the Village this Sunday at 10:30 am for a special celebration of Mother’s Day and continued celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. You won’t want to miss the special Church of the Village Men’s Chorus!